Panel Discussion

The picture features a jellyfish in a body of water with the text:
“Seeing and Being Seen: a Bi + Visibility Week discussion on visibility and care. September 19th, 2020, 1-2:30p.m. mountain time.”

Seeing and Being Seen:

a Bi + Visibility Week Discussion on Visibility and Care

Join me, Sheri Osden Nault, M. Jane Colette, Crystal, and Tiffany on September 19th, 2020, at 1p.m. (MST) for an online panel discussion about visibility and care for Bi+ Visibility week.

From the original panel description: Panelists will be talking “about what it means to be visible as bisexual/pansexual/queer folks, what makes it possible to feel seen, how we work at seeing each other, and how we care for ourselves and each other.”

There is no cost to participate and virtual participation is a possibility

Please note that this discussion is open to all genders and orientations