Selected Public Sociology


Nasiri, Pedrom. 2020. Virtual Activism: A “How To” on Creating Spaces Online for Activism. Sociologists for Women in Society. (approximately 40 persons).

Nasiri, Pedrom. 2018. PolyQueer Families and Canadian Law. Horizons: Conference on Non-Traditional Families and Intimacies. (approximately 50 persons).


Nasiri, Pedrom. 2020. Taking Meaningful Action for Social Change Digitally. Amnesty International Club, University of Calgary

Nasiri, Pedrom. 2020. Seeing and Being Seen: A Bi+ Visibility Week Discussion on Visibility and Care. Possibilities: Calgary Bi+ Community.

Nasiri, Pedrom. 2020. Let’s Talk Systemic Racism. Canadian Sociological Association, Student Concerns Committee. (approximately 50 persons).

Nasiri, Pedrom. 2020. [Postponed Due to COVID] An Analysis of Non-Traditional Families and Kinship Structures for Practicing Lawyers, Judges, and Legal Actors. Legal Education Society of Alberta. Workshop Title: Understanding and Advising Non-Traditional Families.


Nasiri, Pedrom. 2018a. Intersectionality, Plural Marriage, and Polyamory: Non-Monogamy and (Non)Diversity. The Grad School Nomads, University of Calgary. (approximately 30 persons).

Nasiri, Pedrom. 2017. “Are You Really Queer?”: Queer Muslim Refugee Experiences of Canada’s Asylum Apparatus. The Grad School Nomads, University of Calgary. (approximately 30 persons).


Nasiri, Pedrom. 2018b. Polyamory and the Intersections of Identity. Possibilities: Calgary Bi+ Community. (approximately 10 persons).